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Jyotish Patel


I am a regenerative health care practitioner, facilitator of transformation and a wholeness guide. A certified advanced Energy Medicine and Zero Balancing practitioner with a clinical practice spanning two decades and over 2,000 individual clients.


I am inspired by the emergence of new approaches for expanding consciousness that integrate ancient wisdom with modern insights for growth and transformation and have pioneered the application of energy medicine into the world of business. This complements organisational learning and development programs to empower health and performance.


My primary aspiration is self - empowerment through the energetic landscape to navigate the human condition; to awaken the essence of our specific life purpose, embody our soul and make it visible in the world so that we can truly live the life that we came to experience and wholeheartedly belong to the world.


I live in rural East Sussex, England with my partner Lianne, our daughter Anousha, spaniel Leela and pet rats Whiff & Niff. My passions include travel, yoga, meditation, cooking and wandering in wild nature.


“Working Together”


We shape our self to fit this world

and by the world are shaped again.

The visible and the invisible

working together in common cause,

to produce the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way the intangible air

travelled at speed round a shaped wing

easily holds our weight.

So may we, in this life trust

to those elements we have yet to see

or imagine, and look for the true

shape of our own self, by forming it well

to the great intangibles about us.

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